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Why stainless steel?

If you are contemplating the move from plastic to stainless steel food containers consider the following words from our friends at LunchBots.

“For years, plastic has been the most commonly used material in food storage containers. It’s cheap to manufacture, affordable and easy to replace. Meanwhile, superior materials like stainless steel have been ignored. The time has come for a change, and for good reason. Recent discoveries about the chemicals found within plastics are bringing the material’s safety into question. The potential risks the material poses are giving parents and consumers at-large cause for concern. Stainless steel has no such question marks surrounding it. What separates stainless steel vs plastic?

Aside from the health benefits of stainless steel, the material is also easier to clean, whether you put it through the dishwasher or clean it by hand. A continually used plastic container will show signs of use quickly, whereas a stainless steel container has the durability to last a lifetime. Plastic also has a tendency to retain undesirable scents and stains, which isn’t a property of stainless steel. When you weigh the options, the choice becomes clear.”

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